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Candidate Reference: Virtual Proctoring
Candidate Reference: Virtual Proctoring

HiringBranch Virtual Proctoring ensures the integrity of your assessment. Here's how to complete a proctored assessment.

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To complete a proctored assessment, you will need the following system setup:

  • a desktop computer, an Android phone or an iOS device

  • a functioning webcam

  • a browser with permission to access the webcam.

Completing a Proctored Assessment

If you have trouble with proctoring at any point during the assessment, you can always send a message to our support team.

1. Disable any virtual cameras

If you have a virtual camera (Snapchat, OBS, etc), be sure to disable it before you start the assessment.

2. Allow the webcam

When you first open a proctored assessment, you will be asked to give your browser permission to access the webcam. If you don't give access to the webcam, you will not be able to start the assessment.

In Chrome:

In Firefox:

In Safari:

3. Take a reference photo

If required, you will then be asked to provide a reference photo.

Center your face in front of your webcam and don't sit too far away. When the system detects your face, click OK to take the photo and begin the assessment.

4. Keep one face visible

During the test, you must keep your face visible to the webcam. This means staying close to the position you had when you took the reference photo. Shifting around, chin-scratching and tea-sipping are allowed. If your face is not detected, the system will raise a flag on your report.

You also must not allow another face to become clearly visible to the webcam. Photos in the background and people walking past in the distance are OK. However, if another person approaches the screen to a readable distance, the system will raise a flag.

5. Do not change windows or tabs

You must not change windows or browser tabs during the assessment. Any window change will produce a flag on the proctoring report.

About the Report

Your proctoring results will be available to recruiters along with your assessment results.

The platform will never automatically discard your assessment based on the proctoring results. It can only determine if the flags require further investigation by the assessment reviewers.

About Face Detection

The face detection algorithm can only detect the number and position of faces that are in view of your camera. The model's accuracy has been verified using a wide variety of faces from around the world. Any form of identity recognition is explicitly beyond the model's capabilities. The model cannot detect any personally identifiable information, including but not limited to gender, ethnicity, or age.

Flags raised by the model cannot automatically discard your assessment. The final decision always and exclusively remains in the hands of assessment reviewers.


Having problems? Try the following:

  • Make sure Camera permissions are enabled 

  • Try a different browser

  • Ensure only one camera is active on the device

  • Try an alternative device to see if the issue persists (if the alternative device works you should be able to continue with it)

  • Try an alternative camera if available

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