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How do I get a better score on my pronunciation activities?
How do I get a better score on my pronunciation activities?

Here are some tips on how to improve your score on pronunciation activities.

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Make sure you are recording in a quiet place with no background noise.

Once you've recorded, playback your recording and listen to it. Are there any background noises like mouse clicks, clearing your throat or other people speaking? If there are and especially at the beginning of the recording you will get a low score.


1. Playback your recording. Does the recording start at the beginning of the word or sentence you are supposed to record? Make sure it is not cut off at the start.
2. Make sure you are recording the entire model. If a sentence is required, record the entire sentence.
3. Are you using the correct pronunciation? There is usually a model to compare to. Listen carefully to the model and try to make your pronunciation sound the same.
4. Speak naturally. If there are any long pauses, hesitations, or repetitions of words, you will get a lower score.

On practice activities, you can try the recording as many times as you need until you get a better score.

Scoring System

The system returns 3 main scores:

Green - 80% and above -- Anything in the green is good.

Orange – between 60% and 80% - This is also acceptable.

Red – below 60% - You should use the tips above to try and get to orange or green. score.

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