Update August 24
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Course Invite

Send login credentials and course info to your learners with a single click.

Learners will receive an email with their assigned courses, their instructors, their username and password, as well as a link to the HiringBranch login page. You can find the Course Invite action on the Group Edit page:


Microphone Check Message

It's all too easy to forget to allow the microphone, so we've added a little reminder. Great for large classes, public workstations and computer labs.

Voice Recognition Scoring

We've improved the scoring accuracy on voice recognition activities. Automated scores are now more consistent and realistic.

Performance Improvements

With over a hundred bug fixes and performance improvements, this update has HiringBranch running faster, smoother and more reliably. We've improved:

  • worksheet load speed

  • audio tool performance

  • assessment security and reliability

  • learner mobile experience

  • commenting

  • notifications

  • CSV import

  • lesson-to-lesson transitions

More to come!

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