Update January 1
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Lots of new features and improvements for the new year!

Apple iOS 11 Support

HiringBranch now officially supports iOS 11 devices running the Safari browser. Details at Supported Browsers and Operating Systems.


Learner Navigation

Navigate through an entire course with the improved learner navigation drawer. Lessons, activities, completion and score are listed and linked in the top-left menu drawer.

Audio Clip Completion

Eliminate the need to listen to "optional" audio clips to the end. Audio clips are now complete as soon as the user clicks play.

Instructor Navigation

Cut down your marking time with improved instructor navigation:

  • Previous and next learner buttons are now in the learner's activity header.

  • The sort order of the learner list will match whatever sort order you've set on the Track page.

  • If you need to go back to the Track page, we'll show your last lesson, group and sort selections.



Reports is faster and easier to use:

  • Download the compiled Result table with Download Results.

  • Groups and Courses dropdowns are filtered to show populated sets.

  • Default settings are now optimized for speed and simplicity.

  • Results table formatting is improved.

Group Edit Page: Add Course

Add and remove courses from a group directly on the Group Edit page. From the Groups list, click a group and open the Courses tab.


Track Page: Reset Learner Failsafe

No more accidentally deleted recordings. Resetting a learner from the Track page requires double-confirmation and a password.


Performance and Usability

  • Course Track page now loads 50% faster. We've also reduced the overall page load speed across the platform.

  • Fill-in-the-blank activities have more robust encoding and input comparison.

  • Course search is more intuitive.

  • Self-registration link expiry dates are editable while creating the self-registration, or from the Self-Registration Edit page.

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