Update February 2
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SocioLearner Activity: Insert Image

Include an image in your SocioLearner activities with Insert Image. From the Edit Activity page, click the picture icon in the details toolbar. Upload, then resize and insert.



This new lesson mode lets learners complete an assessment then view their scores. Enable Self-Test on the lesson edit page.


Lesson Percent Completion

Learners can now see the percentage of a lesson they have completed. Check completion on the course page or from the Menu drawer on the activity page.


Group Edit Page: Course Track

Course Track pages are now available from a link on the Group Edit page. Shortcut!


User Import by CSV: Download Template

Importing users by CSV can be tricky, so we've made a template available for download. The template is on the Users page, beside the upload button.


Checkbox Scoring: Point Fractions

Learners now earn fractions of a point for partially-correct checkbox questions. Gain a fraction of a point for each correct check, and lose a fraction for misplaced checks.

Disable Group Visibility

Group visibility can now be disabled. When a group is disabled, courses assigned to the group will not be visible to learners. Learner recordings and results will still be accessible to instructors and administrators through the Track and Reports pages.


Performance and Usability

  • Assessment videos can now be limited to play-once, play-twice or play multiple.

  • Lesson scheduling now operates on local time zone.

  • Learners who self-register will get a registration confirmation email.

  • Courses and Groups lists are organized into pages.

  • Course page will save your last-entered search terms. No more re-entering the same search words each time.

  • Track page scrolling behavior is improved for mouse wheels and trackpads.

  • Instructor audio commenting is faster and more reliable.

  • Activity completion calculations are more robust.

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