Update August 28
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Worksheet Item Score Weighing

All automatically-scored items in a worksheet can now take score weights. Set the maximum points for multiple choice, checkbox, FITB and scored audio recorders on the Worksheet Edit page.


Score Box

Add manual scores to worksheets using the new Score Box feature. Great for manually scoring worksheet audio recorders or for making score sheets.

Create Score Boxes on the Worksheet Edit page. Instructors can add scores through the Track page. Learners won't see the score box but points will tally up in their final score.


Instructor-Only Worksheet

Set a worksheet to be used by instructors only. Learners won't have access to the worksheet but instructors can access it and add scores via the Track page.

Great for score sheets, rubrics and other notes to the instructor.


Track Page Activity Dropdown

Filter the Track page for the exact activity you need.


Performance and Usability

  • Audio waveforms load faster with more detail.

  • On the Track page, the downloaded CSV has been reformatted for improved readability.

  • The Track page tooltip is more stable for large lessons.

  • Course and lesson settings will autosave all changes. No need to click Save.

  • Successfully importing a course shows a confirmation message.

  • Track page Reset functions are clarified.

  • Report page Course and Group selectors are clarified.

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