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Random-Pick Bank

Reduce test fraud with random-pick activity banks. Create a bank and load it with variations on an activity. Learners will be given one activity randomly picked from the bank.


Groups Page: Get Report

Check how your groups are doing with Get Report. From the Groups page, select one or more groups and click Get Report. The Reports page will load with the groups' scores, completion percentages and access dates.


Course Code and Status

Courses have two new identifiers: code and status. Use the code field to systematically identify the courses on your site. Use the Status field to keep track of what's happening with that course: under development, active, or archived.

Set Code and Status on the Course Edit page, Details tab.


Group Edit Page, Add Learners: Extended Details

Adding learners to groups got easier with extended details. You can now choose learners by their name, their email or their account creation date. The list is also searchable and sortable.


Instructor Tables

The instructor's Courses, Users and Groups pages now have partial-word search, multi-column sorting, and multi-select. They're faster too!


Performance and Usability

  • Move and Copy lists load faster and on-demand.

  • Lesson Edit page saves preferences for expanded / collapsed lesson panels.

  • Fill in the Blanks activities show answers inline with each blank. Sequential blanks are also easier to see.

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