Update February 11
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Track Page: Comment Indicators

On the Track page, see the activities where you've left comments and see which learners have read them. A closed envelope on an activity means an instructor has left a comment that the learner hasn't read yet. Open envelopes mean the learner has read all instructor comments.


Track Page: Scoring Precision

Track page popup, track page cumulative score and instructor record page manual scores will now display to two decimal places.


Track Page: Recalculate Scores

If you need to edit an activity after learners have completed it, go to the Track page and recalculate scores. Learner's scores will be updated for the most recent edit.


Lesson Edit Page Activity Details

Check activity time limits and points directly from the lesson edit page.


Reports: Search, Sort and Aggregated Values

Reports tables are now fully searchable, sortable and include aggregated values. Compare multiple groups, check group averages and find the top performers.


Add Course, Group and Learner Pickers

Connect your courses, users and groups faster with improved pickers. Choose users by date created, choose courses by code or status, and choose groups by their instructors. Selections are fully searchable and sortable.


Performance and Usability

  • If your internet connection is temporarily lost or your session has timed out, we'll let you know with a message at the top of your window.

  • To make it easier to create activity variations for a Random Pick bank, we'll check your activities to make sure their time limits and points match.

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