Creating Worksheets
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HiringBranch Worksheets are automatically scored with a variety of questions: audio recorders, multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blanks and more.

In a Worksheet, you can add:

  • Text Notes

  • Audio Clips

  • Images or Videos

  • Audio Recorders

  • Multiple Choice Questions

  • Checkbox Questions

  • Fill-in-the-Blank (Cloze or Gap-Fill) Questions

  • Mix and Match

Create a new worksheet by opening your course. Open a lesson (or create a new one). Under Add Activity, click Worksheet.

Add items in sequence on the worksheet. To reorder, grab the six-dot handle at the top of each question and drag it to a new sequence.

To delete an item, click the X on the right side of the item.

To see what your worksheet will look like to learners, click Preview at the top right.

Text Notes

Text notes are just that — a block of text that you'd like to put on the worksheet. They're great for instructions, reading practice, and headings.

Text notes have full formatting options. There's also a source code option if you'd like to edit the HTML.

Audio Clips

Add an audio clip when you want the learner to listen to audio. Upload an mp3 file or record your own clip.

The caption will appear to the learner above your audio clip.

There are some settings:

Images or Video

To add images or videos, click the landscape button. For an image, load a .png, .jpg, or .gif file. For a video, load an .mp4 file. The maximum file size is 10 MB, with a recommended width of less than 710 pixels.

Load a YouTube video by pasting the YouTube link into the box. Don't paste the YouTube embed code— use the actual URL link to the video.

The caption is optional, and will appear to the learner above the image or video.

Audio Recorders

Use an audio recorder when you want the learner to record their own voice. There are two types:

Unscored Audio Recorders

Unscored audio recorders are good for self-practice. The learner can record their voice and the instructor can review the recording. There's no score with this type of recorder, but they still count towards completion.

Scored Audio Recorders

Scored audio recorders use voice recognition to give learners a score. Enter the target text you'd like the learner to say, and the voice recognition system will automatically evaluate it. The score will be a decimal value from 0 to 1 point.

Currently, the voice recognition system only evaluates English. But we're working on adding other languages as well.

Don't worry if the recorder looks disabled while you're editing. The recorder will be enabled for your learners.

Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple-choice questions have one correct choice. Click the radio button beside the correct answer.

Checkbox Questions

Checkbox questions have a set of correct choices. The question is correct when the learner checks the same boxes as the instructor.


Enter your text and underline the words you'd like to make a blank. The learner will see blanks for the underlined words, and will get one point when they type the exact word.

To accept more than one possible entry:

  1. Type out each possible correct answer, separated by a vertical pipe: |

  2. Underline the entire set of target words.

For example, to accept either fabulous or marvellous, type:

I'm feeling fabulous|marvellous today.

Mix and Match

Mix and match questions have a set of correct sets that can comprise of video, images, text or sound. The learner has to click on the left column and then click on the matching conditions on the right column.

Category: This is the condition that must be matched too

Items: These are the items that match the above condition. You can have more than one match item to the category

Allows you to add more categories

Allows you to add more items to the matching category

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