Managing Tests for Repeat Users
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If your test takers will be using HiringBranch for other courses, or will need to log back in at another time to do more work, follow these instructions.

If your test takers will only be doing one test, and will not need to log back in at a later date, see Managing Tests for One-Time Test Takers.


To make a batch of users for a round of testing, start by assigning the users to the course that contains the test. For details, check the article Assigning Learners to Your Course.

Special Tip for High-Volume Testing

When the test is completed, you'll want to unassign the group from the test.

Open the Lesson page and switch to the Assign tab. To remove the group from the course, click the Garbage can icon beside the group name.

This will keep your Track page manageable and free of old users.

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