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Creating SocioLearner Recording Activities
Creating SocioLearner Recording Activities
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SocioLearner activities are good for instructor-lead oral coaching and practice. Use SocioLearner recording activities when you need to:

  • give feedback and comments on learner recordings

  • manually score learner recordings

  • control when the learner can listen to a model answer

Each SocioLearner activity gives the learner one audio recorder. If you need multiple recorders, you can make multiple SocioLearner activities in the lesson.

To create a new SocioLearner activity, open your course, choose a lesson and click SocioLearner Activity.

The Basic Tab

SocioLearner Activity Name

This is the title of your new SocioLearner activity.

How many points can be earned?

SocioLearner activities are manually scored. This is the maximum number of points you can give a learner on this activity.

Activity Time Limit (Assessments only)

In an assessment, this is the total time given to a learner to complete the activity.

Activity Instructions

Add text instructions to your learner. You can also insert images and (optionally) resize them.

If you choose to resize your images, width and height are in pixels. Recommended width is 710 pixels or less, but don't worry if it's larger—we'll take care of it.

Audio Attachment

An audio clip for the learner to listen to. It's a simple clip that the learner can play at any time—good for instructional prompts.

Resume Record

Check this option if you'd like learners to be able to pause and resume recording.

The Model Recording Tab

A model recording is different than an audio clip—model recordings have several activity types that control when the learner can listen and record.

Think of the model recording as the correct answer to the instructions.

Add Model Recording

Load the model recording here. Load from an mp3 file or make your own recording.

Activity Type

  • Listen then Repeat: Learners must listen to the model recording before they can record.

  • Record then Check: Learners must make a recording before they can listen to the model.

  • Listen and Record Simultaneously: When the learner clicks record, the model recording will start to play.

What the Learner Sees

To see what your new SocioLearner activity looks like to learners, click Preview at the top of the activity.

Here's how the options above will appear to the learner:

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