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Managing Tests for One-Time Test Takers
Managing Tests for One-Time Test Takers
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If you're delivering a test for "one-time test takers" β€” learners who will only complete a single test once β€” you don't need to manually create every learner account ahead of time.

Instead, you can use guest accounts and access codes. Guest accounts are single-use accounts. Only learners who know the access code can create a guest account, and the access code will only allow registration in the tests that you choose.

Learners using a guest account will not be able to log back in at a later date. If your learners will need to log back in at some point, see Managing Tests for Repeat Users.


1. Create a group

We strongly recommend that you create a new group for each new batch of test takers. Depending on your testing volume, this could mean making a new group every week or even every day.

On the Groups page, click Add Group. Name the group and click Setup Group Now.

The Group Edit page will open. On the Instructors tab, add instructors.

On the Courses tab, add the course(s) that contains your test(s).

2. Set up a self-registration

On the same Group Edit page, open the Self-Registration tab. Click Enable now.

Choose your expiry date (or none). Enable the option to Create guest accounts.

Read the Guest Access Instructions. On test day, this is what you'll ask your learners to do.


On test day, make sure you have the following:

  • an instructor's workstation, logged in as an instructor, with the Group Edit page open to the Self-Registration tab (same as above)

  • a whiteboard visible only to the learners, or a projector connected to the instructor's workstation

1. Direct learners to the Guest Access page

Direct your learners to your site's login page, then ask them to click Guest Access. The Guest Access page will open.

2. Distribute the access code to learners

If you have a projector connected to your instructor workstation, click Fullscreen and share your screen on the projector. The access code will be visible to learners.

Otherwise, write the code on the whiteboard.

On the Guest Access page, ask learners to enter the access code and click Next.

On the next page, learners will enter their first name, last name, check the opt-in and click Register.

Learners can then take the test. When they are finished, ask them to log out.

If a learner exits before completing the test (for example, by closing the browser) try re-opening your site's login page. If the learner sees their course page, they can resume the test. If they see the login screen, the learner will need to create a new guest account.

3. Close access

If no more learners will complete the test that day, cancel the registration. Learners will no longer be able to register for the test.

If another batch of learners will be taking the test that day, regenerate the access code. The old access code will become invalid and a new code will be created. The next batch of learners must use the new code.

Reviewing and Scoring the Test

Reviewing and scoring works as usual. For details, see Viewing and Scoring Learners' Work.


Wrapup is straightforward. When the test is scored and results saved, you can disable the group and/or unassign the group from the course.

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