Viewing Content as a Student
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You've just created a new lesson with some great activities, and now you want to see how your material looks to your learners. You can do this two ways:


To see your entire course as a student, open your course and look for the Preview button at the top left. The button opens a new tab showing your course just as your students would see it.

To see a single activity (a worksheet, a SocioLearner activity or a writing activity) open the activity and click Preview, top left.

Use Two Browsers

To see how your new course will work for learners, use the two-browser technique. You'll need an instructor account as well as a working learner account.

  1. Log in to HiringBranch with your instructor ID.

  2. Open the course that you'd like to check.

  3. In the Assign tab, assign the group that contains your working learner account. You might need to create a learner account for yourself.

  4. In a different browser, log in with your working learner account. You'll see your course, fully operational and ready to check.

You can now switch back and forth from the student screen to the professor's screen.

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