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Assigning learners and groups to your course
Assigning learners and groups to your course
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To enroll0 students in your course:

  1. Create student and instructor accounts.

  2. Create a group.

  3. Assign the group to your course.

1. Create Learner and Instructor Accounts

Log in as instructor or administrator and open the Users page.

Click Add User.

In the dialog, enter user details. Role can be Learner (for students or test takers) or Instructor (for course instructors or evaluators.)

You can also create new accounts using CSV Import or Self-Registration.

2. Create a Group

A group is a collection of learners who are all enrolled in a course. Think of a group like a section in a university course or a batch of people applying for an interview.

In HiringBranch, all learners enrolled in a course must belong to a group. All instructors who need access to the learners' work must also belong to that group.

To create a group, first open the Groups page:

Click Add Group.

In the dialog enter your new group's name. You can either Setup Now or Setup Later.

To setup, first add learners:

Then add instructors. If you're the instructor for the course, don't forget to add yourself.

Only instructors who are assigned to the group can see the learners in that group. If you can't see learners on your track page, check that your instructor account is added to the group.

3. Assign the Group to the Course

Log in as instructor or administrator and open the Course page:

Open your course, then switch to the Assign tab.

Click Add Another Group. Choose your new group from the dropdown and click Add Group.

4. Check

To make sure your enrollment is correct, click Track Progress.

Check the group name in the dropdown and make sure the correct learners listed.

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