Introduction to Creating Content
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Whether you're mounting exercises from a workbook or starting from scratch, you can build your entire course with HiringBranch.

Getting Started

In HiringBranch, content is built around courses, lessons and activities. Activities are your core content material. They come in three basic types:

  • SocioLearner recording activities

  • Worksheets

  • Writing activities

For instructor-led oral practice, where you need to manually score recordings and leave comments, use a SocioLearner Recording activity.

For multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blank questions, recording with voice recognition and automatic scoring, use a Worksheet.

For extended writing practice with detailed feedback, use a Writing activity.

Combine all three activity types in your lessons for the most flexibility.

Creating a Course

When you log in with your instructor ID, you'll be on the Course page. Start by creating a course, or open an existing course.

Course name

Choose something clear and concise.

Course description

A short description of your course. Keep it under 150 words. For longer course descriptions, add a introduction worksheet.

Course thumbnail

Choose a image that fits with the course. Learners will see this image when they log in. The image should be approximately 370 pixels wide and 270 pixels high.

Adding Lessons

Once you create or open a course to edit, you'll be on the Lesson page.

All your activities will go inside Lessons. From the Lesson page, click Create New Lesson.

Give your lesson a name and click Add Lesson.

Adding Activities

Inside the lesson, you can add activities like SocioLearner Recording activities, Worksheets, or Writing Activities.

Rearrange lessons and activities on the Lesson page by clicking and dragging them into a new sequence.

To show or hide a lesson from learners, click the toggle on the title bar. When the lesson is Off, learners won't see the lesson in their course.

To edit a lesson title, click the Lesson title and change the title in the box.

What the Learner Sees

To see what your course looks like to learners, click Preview Course at the top left.

Here's how your course appears to learners:

Learn more about the different kinds of activities you can create:

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