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Viewing and Scoring Learners' Work
Viewing and Scoring Learners' Work
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Track Page

The Tracker is good for scoring and reviewing large amounts of learners' work, both Worksheets and SocioLearner activities.

Open the tracker using the Track Progress button at the top of the Lesson page, or beside the course title on the Course page.

On the Track page, each box represents an activity. The icons are:

  • hourglass: the learner hasn't started or finished the activity

  • pencil: the learner has completed a SocioLearner activity and is waiting for the instructor to score it.

  • number: the learner's score for the activity

  • checkmark: an unscored, completed activity

Click an icon to open learners' work. You can review all activities, and make comments and score SocioLearner activities.

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