Worksheets and Automated Scoring
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HiringBranch Worksheets offer automatic scoring for a variety of question types. Here's how the scores are allotted.

Scored audio recorders

Multiple choice questions

  • 1 point maximum per question

  • 1 point awarded for a correct response

  • 0 points awarded for an incorrect response

Checkbox questions

  • 1 point maximum per question

  • Points are awarded by point fraction. Each correct checkbox option represents an equal point fraction.

  • A point fraction is awarded for a correctly-placed checkmark.

  • A point fraction is subtracted for an incorrectly-placed checkmark, to a minimum of 0 points.

Fill-in-the-blank questions

  • 1 point maximum per blank

  • 1 point awarded for entries that completely match the target blank

  • 0 points awarded when there is any discrepancy between the entry and the target blank

Unscored Items

Worksheet audio clips and unscored audio recorders do not have points associated with them. These items do not affect the score.

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