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6 Tips to prevent online cheating with HiringBranch
6 Tips to prevent online cheating with HiringBranch
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HiringBranch is an online assessment and training platform that has many features to prevent online cheating. Here are a few tips that may help.

  1. Schedules

With HiringBranch you can set a day and time for when the assessment will open along with a due date and time. Learners will only be allowed to access the assessment or lesson during this time slot. Any submission beyond that date will be refused by the platform.

  1. Timed activities and timed audio recordings.

Create your tests using timers. The timer is set to allow the learner to listen to an audio activity and respond within the given time. This feature is available for all activity types, including recording and writing.

Don’t forget to set your listening activities as well to 1x listen, twice or unlimited.

  1. Disable copy and paste feature

Our latest feature prevents users from copying text, questions and images from your assessments or lessons. This prevents your learners from sharing or publishing questions to other learners.

  1. Voice Recordings 

Use as many learner voice-audio recording activities throughout your assessment or lessons. While multiple-choice or fill-in-the-gap activities could potentially be answered by a different learner, creating voice recordings can only be done by your learner. If you want to make it even more challenging, add recording activities requiring the learner to record and place a timer on each activity or page of the assessment. This makes it even make more challenging, surprising and harder to cheat.

  1. Random Pick

Create a bank and load it with variations on an activity. Learners will be given one activity randomly picked from the bank.

  1. Shuffle Bank 

You can further reduce cheating on your assessments with a Shuffle Bank. All activities in a Shuffle Bank are presented to all learners but in a random sequence. This is also good for in-class assessments where eyes sometimes wonder.

These are a few simple suggestions that instructors can use to help make the assessment process as smooth and secure as possible.

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